About Me

Ipek Tekdemir is an advisor with a focus on strategic communication, capacity-building, policy and business development. Ipek has a demonstrated track record in relationship building and cross-cultural diplomacy between the EU, Turkey, Middle East and Central Asia.

She is an active fundraiser for charity and passionate tennis player. Ipek Tekdemir is a strong believer in civility, empathy and goodwill: it will take courage to heal, come together and cooperate on global issues. Policy-Makers, businesses and civil society have to learn to use all instruments to build a sustainable future for the planet and themselves.

Ipek Tekdemir runs The Sustainable Value Hub, which is conceived as a contact point for organisations, businesses large and small, academia and civil society in order to connect. It aims at creating a network of partners that should be mutually beneficial. The challenges that we are facing at the local, regional, national, EU and global level are ever increasing as has been seen over the past years.